Welcome to Eqitron

Pioneering systematic theme investing.

In recent years, and particularly since late 2022, we have witnessed a monumental breakthrough in generative AI technologies. These rapid advances are transforming industries, indicating that traditional intuitive decision-making is finally giving way to data-driven intelligence.

At Eqitron, we have built an investment process harnessing these innovations. We want to disrupt traditional investment believes and processes and replace them with the latest in technology and artificial intelligence.

Our Generative Investment Process proactively pinpoints profitable themes that not only promise financial returns but also potentially forge a positive societal impact by directing capital towards promising themes poised to shape the future. Generative AI supports to uncover hidden opportunities and spearheads a future where data-driven intelligence is the cornerstone of financial decision-making.

Join Eqitron in creating a new way for managing equity portfolios that resonates with the advancements of our time and paves the way for a thriving future.